Why Learn NADEX Spreads?  

Because there are many angles for profiting that are fairly simple to do.  You can score home run trades with NADEX spreads.  

NADEX has 2 hour spreads, day spreads and weekly spreads.  You can preset your risk ahead of time.  You don’t have to worry about getting stopped out   Your position can go into a loss but then come back to win since your risk is preset ahead of time and you don’t get knocked out; and that happens quite frequently actually.

The the ULTRA benefit is, we have already designed a TON of methods for “exploiting” NADEX spreads for profits in various strategies, and trading systems, signals too. 

Anyways you can check out our NADEX 101 Course here.  Why?  You’ll want to learn the fundamentals how NADEX spreads work, you’ll want to learn about the wide parameter of profit possibilities as well as any pitfalls to avoid. 

Check Out NADEX 101 Here