Strategic Strategy Trader Course – Core Education for Long Term Strategy Trading Success – Free with Any Strategy Purchase off of

Strategy Trading – Core Inner Game Education & Possibilities

Strategic Strategy Trader Course – Core Education for Long Term Strategy Trading Success

  • Gain inner game understanding of the markets and of yourself in order to increase your winning.
  • Know your enemy and know yourself and you will win most battles – see how this especially applies to trading the markets.
  • How to set goals in strategy trading to zero in your focus for greatness.
  • Develop a long-term strategic battle plan and strategy trading.
  • How to best instruments to trade and why it’s smart to do so.
  • Stock trading vs. Options trading with strategies – what’s the difference?
  • Strategy trading versus systems trading.
  • How to avoid getting sucked into various pitfalls in the marketplace that the amateurs repeatedly stumble upon.
  • How to handle success with your cerebral mind as to not get carried away with your emotions.
  • How one tends to manifest what they really and actually want in the markets.
  • How your emotional state can get you to manifest like results in your trading.
  • How to access your knowing gut instinct for more accurate decision-making.
  • How the marketplace depends on you entertaining the emotion of fear in order to trick you in order to take your money from you.
  • This is for: Those who want to improve their inner game in trading.  Those who genuinely want to do extraordinarily well in their trading and make ridiculous fortunes over time so they can be featured in books like The Market Wizards… Those who want to discover new possibilities in trading. Those who want to refine their trading to extreme levels of excellence.

Strategy Trading Mastery – Core Inner Game Education, Strategic Life Long Strategy Trader Battle Plan & Possibilities for More Trading Opportunity

Strategic Strategy Trader Course – Core Education for Long Term Strategy Trading Success

This course deals with topics that a strategy trader needs to know to win more, win more often and win bigger over time.  What is winning over time?   It’s making money, keeping what you make and steadily compounding that money over time

As a strategy trader it’s just way to easy to get off course due to lack of focus.  A strategy trader needs a burning hot goal that will drive their focus to the accomplishment of that goal.  This goal needs to be BIG and should be a life long type of goal.   

Otherwise, strategy trading becomes a dabble here and a dabble there, while making one’s self vulnerable to all sorts of side track tricks and traps, wooings of the market place to suck you into money losing traps. Learn to better avoid those pitfall traps until you become so good at reading the markets that you rarely ever get sucked into mediocre, unnecessary trades anymore.

  • Develop More Consistent Money Making Success Habits by Knowing What You Need to Change in order to Cause More Winning and to “Get Luckier” on a More Consistent Basis.

  • Find Out More About the “Inner Game of Trading”, the Mysterious Thought World that is Amplified Manifold Louder When You Are Trading. 

  • Learn More About Your Different Minds.  Learn More How to Differentiate What Voice is Coming from Where.  Where Did This or That Though Come From?  Was it from Within or from Without?  What Emotional State Were You in When You Received that Thought? 

  • Find Out More About Emotional State Portals that Draw in Thoughts for Trading Ideas for Better or for Worse.  Learn How to Attract Thoughts that Lead You to Winning and Learn How to Shut Down Those Portals to Thoughts, to Trading Ideas, that Lead You into Losing….

  • Learn How to Coordinate Trading Goals and Life Goals.  Your Life Goals and Trading Goals Need to Coordinate or Else There Will Be Subtle Discordance that Will Interfere with Your Long Term Success.

  • Learn About How to Develop Strategic Battle Plans by Back Engineering Your Big Picture Trading Goals.

  • Learn How to Deal with Euphoria Caused by Winning Big and Find Out Why Euphoria is One of the the Top Pitfall Traps in Trading.

  • Discover How All Forms of Fear Suck You into Picking Losers Even with a Winning Strategy or System.  Fear of Missing Out, Fear of Lack, Fear of Ability to Make Money, Fear of Losing and Even Fear of Success Are Some of those Common Hidden Fears…

  • Why Finding the Best Instruments to Trade for Giving Yourself an Easier Edge for Profiting is a Smart thing to Do Instead of Trying to Just Win or Beat One Instrument that May Have Given You Problems in the Past.

  • Learn More About How to Anticipate Opportunity and Strike, Much Like a Cheetah to Its Prey, in Your Strategy Trading.   Many Traders Forget the Anticipating and the Stalking Part of Strategy Trading which is Essential to Success.  Learn How this is Done.   And Learn Why its So Important to Make a Habit of Doing This.

  • How to Only Win and Not Lose.  Is it Possible?  Through Logic and Experience find Out How You’ll Be Able to Position Yourself to Come Close to It.  Learn How to Become More Cerebral, Logical in Your Trading in Order to Win Far More and Lose Far Less.

  • How to Pick the Best Stocks to Trade for Your Strategy.

  • It’s Easy to Drift in Strategy Trading – Find Out How to Steadily Grow Your Trading Account.

  • NADEX Strategy Opportunities Overview.

  • Options Trading with Strategies Overview.

  • Read the Market Wizards Books and Find Out the Hidden Secrets in those Books for Winning in Your Trading Mechanics and for the Inner Game of Trading.

  • Find Out How and Why Setting Trading Goals Is Critical and Why it Works So Well.  Conversely, Find Out How Not Having Long, Medium and Shorter Term Goals in Strategy Trading Can Get You Off Course Arriving at a Destination Where You Don’t Want to Be.

  • Stock Trading with Strategies Overview.

  • The Sure Thing Trade, Loser vs. Winner.  An Exploration of the Old “Sure Thing” Concept.

  • Using Your Center of Knowing for More Accurate Trading and How to Better Access it Through the Cloud of Your Emotions.

  • What Do You Do After You Win Few Trades.  Get the Logic of Action Down Pat instead of Cycling Backwards as So Many Traders Do.

  • Why Exactly Do Want to Trade?  Find that Reason then You Can Find Out How to Adjust for Becoming Successful in Your Trading.  Your Real Reason for Trading Maybe Hidden, Not What You Think and Not Very Good for Your Future Success.   That Said, You Can Develop a Strategic Approach  to Match Your Real Reason for Trading for Fantastic Success.  But if Your Strategy Trading Approach  is Not Harmonious with Your Real Reason of Wanting to Trade, Find Out How that Brings Trouble.

  • Combining a Trading Strategy With Motivated Events for Big Profit Capture  Overview.

  • What is Strategy Trading Exactly?  There are Many Different Ideas Out There, Let’s Get to the Bottom Line on What Successful Strategy Trading Actually is…

  • Strategic Strategy Trading…  Having Trading Strategies Is Not Good Enough. You Have to Have an Overall Master Plan That Will Drive You in an Organized Way to an Ultimate Goal.

  • Strategy Trading Is Like War or Like an Athletic Event. You Must Have Your Offense and Defense All Figured Out Ahead of Time with Dynamic Variations to Handle Real Time Variables.  You Must Have Your Moves, Your Strategies Ready and Down Pat to Be Used in Real Time Performance.

  • The Marketplace Is Not Your Friend, It’s Your Enemy. The Marketplace Is Trying to Take Your Money. And Conversely You’re Trying to Take Money Out of the Marketplace. There Is a Strategic Battle That You Must Win and Win on a Daily Basis. You Must Be Able to Have Strategies and a Strategic Approach to Address Different Markets and Different Price Action Behavior From Day to Day if You Are a Day Trader.

  • What’s Your Goal? What’s Your Ultimate Goal in Trading?  What’s Your Ultimate Life Goal?  What Do You Think Trading the Markets Is Going to Accomplish for You? What Do You Want It to Accomplish for You? You Need to Have This Identified.  If You’re Bluntly Honest It Won’t Take Long to Identify What You Really Want. Your Goals Don’t Have to Be Run by Anyone Else Nor do You Need Anyone’s Approval. You Can Pick Whatever Goal You Want.

We will look to add to this course over time.  If you have suggestions of topics that you would like covered that are related to this course, please let us know. Thank you.

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