See terms and conditions and disclaimer. Due to rampant customer abuse and theft, customer laziness (get a system or strategy and wonder why it didn’t make make them instantly rich automatically on it’s own without learning or trading the strategy) and the protection of the strategy for those genuine customers who want to learn a trading strategy or system and use it for profiting well into the future, there are no refunds. So therefore, don’t buy our strategies or systems if you’re looking for a refund. On the other hand, if a strategy or system isn’t working for you after you’ve gone through the strategy or system 3 times with a note pad and sent us your questions, working with us to correct any errors you may have in understanding, then we can simply replace the strategy or system with something else – we have hundreds upon hundreds of solutions. This approach with no refunds has worked the best over time for customers. You can contact us and ask us questions at any time about our products as well. We are looking for genuine students who want to trade VERY WELL, preferably breaking the 7 figure mark to start.

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