BEST Options Swing Trading Strategies

BEST Options Swing Trading Strategies

What Are Some of the BEST Options Swing Trading Strategies Here on TRADER ULTRA (and vs. anyone else!)?

Here are some of the best options swing trading strategies available through Trader Ultra:

The POLARITY-B Options Swing Trading Strategy

If you’re looking for reliable options swing trades 1-4 weeks out, look no further than the POLARITY-B group of trading strategies. This strategy analyzes weekly charts and volume profiles to identify powerful multi-day moves in high volume stocks, ETFs and indexes. Trades are entered using low risk, high reward debit spreads or risk reversals. With rigorous money management and swing trade patterns proven over decades, POLARITY-B continues to capture 100-400% gains on a pretty regular basis.

The HEARTBREAKER Options Swing TRADING Strategy

Explosive moves in momentum stocks present lucrative risk/reward for options traders. Our HEARTBREAKER strategy aims to profit from these significant moves using somewhat longer dated calls or puts because many of these moves often turn into MEGA and or MONSTER moves. By incorporating  overbought/oversold indicators, traders can identify optimal entry points in the direction of the trend. Trades are managed through dissemination and eventual profit taking. The profitability on this method can be ridiculous;  i hope you can handle it. 

You may want to get some money psychology books that deal with how to handle fast wealth, winning the lottery, sudden wealth syndrome etc.   You may need it, that is, if you actually apply yourself to the strategy.  Most students are so lazy they barely make it through the materials that teach the method, which doesn’t take long.   Obviously, lazy people aren’t going to do well in the markets or anything in life.  Find the time to work hard learning trading.  You really only have to work hard at learning how to trade well initially and the amount of work is nothing compared to anything else (try learning how to play the violin or how to be surgeon) 

VIIPER Sniper Options Swing Trades

Not all swing plays require multiple weeks to develop. VIIPER uncovers shorter 3-7 day trade setups taking advantage of mid-range catalysts. By blending daily moving averages and order flow data, this strategy spots solid swing trade entries over and over that are hidden, hidden in the bushes, from most traders, if not nearly all over time.  Trade with high accuracy. Options are aimed at magnifying the move. Entry and profit targets are laser focused for maximum gains per trade. VIIPER has proven itself in all market conditions over the last decade.

Does one of these strategies resonate with your style?  All our strategies are supported by dedicated coaches as well that you can access through our members area support ticket system that you get when you purchase any of our products. Take your portfolio to the next level – let TRADER ULTRA’s Options Trading Strategies show you a GREAT & SOLID way to trade. Contact us to get started!